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We live in a world of unseen spiritual warfare - therefore it is seriously weird *not* to believe in demons

Modern Westerners are pretty-much unique in the history of the world in failing to perceive that this world is one of unseen spiritual warfare, between 'supernatural' forces of good and evil. At any rate, the fact should be obvious to Christians, since it is a major theme of the New Testament.

In one sense spiritual warfare is a metaphysical assumption - which means that it can neither be proven nor disproven by factual evidence.

But on the the hand the reality of spiritual warfare is apparently the spontaneous human inference about the facts of life - which suggests that most modern Western people are artificially suppressing their natural way of thinking, and thereby doing violence to inbuilt common sense.

(Deliberate self-distortion of common sense is always a hazardous move - because where does it end? Well, look around you - that is exactly where it ends-up.)

This means that it is normal, natural, spontaneous common sense for humans to believe in the reality of 'demons' - i.e. real life, supernatural, personal and purposively-evil entities.

(Note: 'evil' can concisely be defined as willed destruction of the Good - and the Good can be summarised as Truth, Beauty and Virtue in unity.)

Therefore it is seriously weird not to believe in demons - further evidence (if it was needed) that we live in an insane world.


Need more convincing? Read this excerpt from Greg Boyd's God at War

The Wind in the Willows

Kenneth Grahame, author of The Wind in the Willows, is buried in Holywell cemetery, at the back of what was ST Cross church (now deconsecrated) near-by the Inklings Charles Williams and Hugo Dyson. I saw his modest and all-but neglected grave when visiting, and was moved to tears by the (almost illegible) phrase in the inscription ' who passed the river...'.

The Wind in the Willows is perhaps the oddest truly great book in children's literature. If you try to read it straight through, it comes across as a sequence of heterogeneous and disconnected episodes - some low comedy, some prose poems. There is no real consistency about it, even the animals seem to change size for one part to another (most of the time Toad is toad-sized - but also drives a car and passes himself off as a washerwoman).

But it is a great book, so none of this really matters - our job is to locate in what it is great, not to quibble over its inconsistencies, which clearly don't matter.

This book is one which has touched the heart of many - including AA Milne, Tolkien, and JAck and Warnie Lewis. For a certain type of English person, it is impossible to row a boat on a river, or walk through a snowy wood, or sit by a real fire in a kitchen - without recalling Wind in the Willows. The characters of Mole, Rat, Badger and Toad are archetypes.

The sense of yearning for,but  never quite touching, never quite getting-inside, a rural paradise of beauty and bliss is stronger in this than in any other work - what CS Lewis called Sehnsucht or Joy.

Kenneth Grahame was a very successful banker in the city of London, and the book is a product of that almost desperate wish to escape such a life and place, which most of us have felt at some time, or most of the time, since the industrial revolution. In Grahame's case it led him to write some early examples of neo-paganism (for example in the Pagan Papers essay collection).

If you have not read it, you will need to chose among the many editions - the one I read had no illustrations but was covered in large, black ink blots (it had been my father's as a school boy) - but my two favourite illustrators are EH Shepherd and Robert Ingpen (see below).

The book follows a loose sequence - everybody has their own favourite section (mine are probably the initial river boating, the Wild Wood, and meeting Badger); and I am averse to some of the Toad sections especially his long farcical prison escape adventure - I usually skip these bits.

The various dramatic and animated versions - such as Toad of Toad Hall by AA Milne - are at a much lower level than the book, and I would not bother with them; although it makes an excellent audio-book when read aloud (by a male voice - Alan Bennet seems to be the favourite).

So, if you haven't already - give it a try. It may stay with you forever.

Robert Ingpen's illustration of Badger's kitchen from the lovely 2007 edition

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Why hasn't The West already collapsed?

Six years ago, and not long after I began writing this blog on a daily basis, I collected a set of posts into a mini book called The Decline of the West Explained:

At that time I was much preoccupied by the imminence of the collapse of Western Civilisation - and so were some other bloggers I used to read at the time. I realised that the Western civilisation must collapse, because it was based-up a false and mostly inverted understanding of reality; and because its leaders hated The West and did not do the things necessary for The West to survive.

All this I still regard as very obviously correct - however, looking back I can see that I made a serious error in my understanding of the motivation of the leadership class. I assumed back in 2010 that the evil Establishment wanted to make The West collapse as soon as possible - but that collapse was being delayed by the residual goodness and common sense of ordinary people.

The problem with this view is that there is not much to stop the evil Establishment from causing collapse quickly - they lead all the major social systems; and it is much easier and quicker to destroy a complex system, than it is to create and sustain it. Therefore, if the evil Establishment wanted as a priority to cause the collapse of The Western Civilisation, it would certainly have happened a long time ago. 

I now perceive that the evil Establishment want to delay collapse for as long as possible - compatible with the corruption of as many people as possible. 

Six years ago, I did not properly understand that the evil Establishment is essentially a demonic conspiracy - a mixture of a small minority of actual immortal and not-human demons, a larger number of their obedient (sometimes posessed) human servants who self-consciously agree with the demonic agenda and are working to destroy the Good; plus a considerably larger proportion of proud, foolish, envious, psychotic, shallow dupes (e.g. most national leaders) - who are doing the work of evil for selfish expedience's sake, but under a (thin) self-deceptive pretence of do-gooding (e.g. pursuing one particular good at the expense of destroying the general good).

In other words, I did not properly appreciate that we live in a state of spiritual warfare, and that the war is not about civilisations, but is ultimately about about immortal souls.


The fact is that modern Western civilisation is extremely bad for souls - Indeed, it is the most effective mechanism for corrupting Men that has ever been achieved in the whole of human history!

This is because The West (as it is now, overall and on average) serves demonic interests, so obviously the demons don't want to destroy it!

On the other hand, the demons know that The West cannot be sustained on its current basis (where so many of the humans in elite positions are filled with self-hatred and the desire for their own annihilation)  - but, while it lasts, the evil Establishment wish to maximise the corrupting effect of the West on the whole of Mankind. 

This is what lies behind the current demographic tides and torrents. The West is dying by self-chosen sterility, but the world population increasing massively; so the demonic strategy is to spread the Western corruption to the rest of the world as much as possible, by population mixing and ideological trade - and the current main mechanism is mass migration.

From the demonic perspective (which is currently dominant and almost unopposed in The West) the primary purpose of mass population migration is to corrupt the migrants with Western values; the secondary pupose is to create - among both migrants and natives - a society supercharged with sins (that is, with unrepented, revelled-in sins): a world of fear, hatred, envy, pride, aggression, greed, sadism, dishonesty, resentment, despair... and so forth.

And the strategy of mass migration has been a wild, runaway success story, in achieveing these soul-corrupting objectives - so far. 

Soul corruption - not economic collapse - is the strategic purpose of mass migration. It will of course also cause economic collapse, social collapse, destruction of all that is good in The West and so on - but that is not the point of mass migration from the demonic perspective. The point is to harm and corrupt the people on both sides (natives and immigrants alike); and to create a society characterised by fear, hatred and despair, a society which embraces sin and does not repent it.

That is why The West has not yet collapsed - not for any good reason, but for the bad (demonic) reason that the longer The West (as it is now) continues, the greater the potential for corruption of Mankind.


Of course, eventually, the collapse will come, it will become impossible to stave-off - and no doubt the demons will greatly enjoy the spectacle of mass starvation, disease, killing and suicide - especially among their most loyal human servants. But that will be delayed until as many people as possible have been induced to reject the salvation of Christ and to will their own damnation.

The demons' task is a difficult one! - because Jesus made it so easy for us to attain eternal, resurrected life - we merely need to accept his gift and 'repent' (which means to acknowledge the reality of God's created order). But to look around the modern West is to perceive how many, many people assert that they do not want salvation because they regard it as evil - and that they instead endorse a world in which divine order is inverted.

(The modern Establishment imagine that they personally live (in Nietzsche's phrase) 'beyond' good and evil - creating their own morality, aesthetic and value-system - but actually they have merely inverted good and evil in some aspects of life: aesthetics and sexuality in particular.)

The lesson is that we need to focus on the fact that - from the perspective of purposive evil - modern spiritual warfare is not about civilisations but about souls.

And for as long as a civilisation serves the end of corrupting souls - then it will be sustained, and collapse will be delayed.

Monday, 25 July 2016

Britain - a holy land under enchantment... by John Michell

Mrs Maltwood looked with a geomancer's eye at the Somerset plains and understood in a flash the secret of the zodiacal giants hidden in the landscape. 

Alfred Watkins, envisioned on the Bredwardine hills, perceived the veins and arteries standing out clear against the Hertfordshire fields. Blake, Wordsworth, Coleridge, Tennyson and many others sought the vital spots to penetrate the layers of time that cover the face of the country. The feeling they shared was of some forgotten secret. 

They glimpsed a remote golden age of science, poetry and religion in which the vast works they saw in the landscape were accomplished. 

Each of these English visionaries knew that what he saw was but a fraction of the great mystery, the key to which had been lost. 

Britain, they felt, was the holy land under enchantment. 

At the castle of the Grail King certain things must be asked before the spell is broken, so must the right question be found to lift the veil that hides the form and spirit in the landscape. 

From The View Over Atlantis - by John Michell, 1969.


John Michell was probably the most influential 'New Age' thinker in Britain over the past 50 years - it is his (evolving) synthesis which forms the basis of most work since. The basis for his ideas, the 'evidence', was numerology and geometry - and I personally find this dull and unconvincing; but when he simply wrote from his intuition and love of England he could be genuinely inspired and inspiring.

My Genius Famine book reviewed by Brett Stevens

Brett (who sometimes comments here) has generously reviewed my recent book The Genius Famine over at - this the second review they have published!

How to respond to the mass media, and the rest of modern life by reflective self-monitoring (discernment of the heart)

Following on from:

The problem as stated is that we live in a world dominated by an evil conspiracy aiming at the corruption (ultimately, self-damnation) of Mankind.

This is being implemented by multiple mechanisms in public discourse - in essence, on average - the net effect of public discourse is spiritually corrupting.

Given this minute-by-minute onslaught by so many routes and in so many ways - how can we react?

The first step is to develop the self - to establish a better metaphysical framework of assumptions, and develop the habit of working from the true self rather than from one of the multiple false selves we habitually identify-with.

Then we need to inculcate a habit of reflective self-monitoring - because this will tell us what we need to know about 'what is really going on' so that we can maintain our values and avoid-corruption and pursue virtue, truth and beauty.

In essence, the response of our true selves is the guide to what to do. We (simply) need to read-off from our own true-self responses, what we need to do.

The necessary process is therefore introspective and intuitive - it relies on the fact that we have a divine (hence valid) inner guidance system - the difficulty is therefore not one caused by the impossibly vast volume and complexity of corrupting stimuli - but the problem is the much simpler one of failing to read, feel and respond to this guidance system.

This divine inner guidance system is traditionally termed 'the heart' - and the matter of living in accordance with it is sometimes termed 'discernment of the heart'.

The discernment of the heart (if developed) is of immense power - and is always adequate to any situation over a reasonable timescale - however it may be overwhelmed and misled in the immediate short term, plus of course we often fail to live by it (being imperfect and partly-wicked people).

So behind the discernment of the heart we have a fail-safe back-up, which is called repentance. This means that when we err, we merely need to acknowledge what we ought to have done; and the spiritual system is re-set. Any corruption we have accumulated due to error, is instantaneously and permanently deleted by the act of repentance (and the consequent divine forgiveness - the work of Jesus Christ).

If these mechanisms can be located, developed, strengthened - then we are safe from corruption - no matter what is thrown at us by the global conspiracy of purposive evil.  

Avoiding the mass media is not enough - we must have a global alternative explanation for motivation

At the end of my 2014 book on the modern mass media Addicted to Distraction

I concluded that it was necessary to withdraw from media exposure as much as possible - this remains true, but I now perceive this is not a sufficient objective, nor should it be the primary aim - because the mass media is not the primary problem.

It is insufficient to withdraw from the mass media because the exact same evil agenda is also being pursued by several other major social systems including politics, civil administration (public bureaucracies), NGOs, the legal system, the police and military command, education and health services, major religious denominations...

In sum, at this point in the history of The West, all major social systems have been taken over at their highest and most strategic levels by purposively-evil and evil-serving personages; so the high level powers behind all major social systems are engaged in the same objective which is the spiritual corruption of Man.

There is, in other words, an evil global conspiracy; but it is vital to recognise that their aim is spiritual, not material - because the spiritual corruption of Man may at times be achieved by creating a situation of peace, prosperity, comfort, convenience and so on.

By contrast, secular conspiracy theorists make the error of supposing that the evil conspiracy is aiming at poverty, starvation, sickness, violence, enslavement... mass human suffering. This is an error, because the aim is spiritual corruption, and the evil conspiracy will use whatever is possible and effective to achieve this - in The West, in recent decades, the most effective way of achieving spiritual corruption has usually been by pampering and pandering-to, rather than tormenting, the population.

I have said that we must withdraw from the mass media and cure ourselves of addiction to its drip-drip of stimulus - this remains true, but it will be ineffectual if the genera perspective of the individual remains mainstream.

Mainstream human social and public life is predicated on the false assumption that the 'people in charge' are well-meaning. The main thing we need to do it ingrain the opposite assumption: that the overall and dominating world-structuring strategies are malign in purpose.

I have noticed that most conspiracy theorists in the 'alternative media' are as media-addicted - especially as news addicted - as everybody else. They broadly accept the media agenda, and usually work on the basis of the same data-set; but they repeatedly try to re-frame and re-explain the same basic facts. So there may be a violent atrocity, a political vote or policy, an item of science or medical news, the launch of a new movie or novel or some other event... and the alternative media take the same basic facts and try to plausibly re-explain them on the basis of an evil global conspiracy.

But if this is to be effective, the same thing needs to be done all through life - especially in the workplace and in interactions with any of the major institutions. And this is simply an impossible, overwhelming task! Plus, even if it was possible; then it would mean that you whole life was being dictated by the evil conspiracy - by continuing to produce a constant stream of false stimuli (in need of re-framing) they could and would keep you busy doing whatever they chose - furthermore you would be making re-interpretations using only data supplied by the exact same source that you are aiming to re-explain.

The result is that the alternative media and conspiracy theorists are like caged mice frantically running in a wheel - working 24/ 7 responding-to and re-explaining an unending stream of nonsense thrown at them by 'life' - from the media, but also at work, and in all interactions with the major social systems.

In other words, in a spiritual sense the evil conspiracy have won - because the people fighting it are fully absorbed in attending to and absorbing a constant deluge of corrupt material 'thrown at them' by normal everyday life in The West.

The problem is not just wrong ideas (propaganda) - which tends to be the focus of global conspiracy theorists; but also wrong perceptions, wrong emotions, wrong forms and assumptions... the wrongness is multi-valent and at multiple levels. In trying to re-explain one kind of wrongness, the others are neglected retain their effect.

In sum: there is just too much wrongness, of too many types, for the strategy of re-explaining to be effective - and in such a context the strategy becomes counter-productive such that global conspiracy theorists too often become even worse media addicts, focus on knowing and understanding the exact identities, characteristics and motivations of the conspiracy of evil leaders; and consumed with anger, fear, hatred and despair - which is precisely what the evil conspiracy wants - it is exactly the primary objective of spiritual warfare.

Therefore, there cannot be a specific, point-by-point engagement and expose with evil.

Therefore, the focus of the fight must be on one's own personal attitudes and attributes, and the fight must be positive and creative rather than negative-reactive.

We need to reject the temptation to explain what is 'really' going-on in situation X - and especially the temptation to persuade others about what is really going-on.

Instead, our strategy should be to locate and cultivate and strengthen the good from within us and from divinity, and our work should be to live-from this - and to tell others that this is what we are doing, and to persuade others to do the same.

We need the perspective of a global evil conspiracy aimed-at spiritual corruption - but must not be drawn-into explaining (or rather, theorising-about) its detailed workings. 

What is needed is something along the lines of: 'I assume that Life is set-up like this (i.e. as spiritual warfare); I am trying to achieve this in life, and I understand things this way; so I believe that this is what is required, and I personally need to behave like this'.

The specifics are not argued nor explained, but instead emerge creatively from our positive personal stance.

Such a way of thinking, speaking and writing is very alien to modern Westerners - but I think it is what we absolutely need to learn and practise.

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Sunday morning sublime - Liam O'Flynn plays the air, Dark Slender Boy on Uilleann pipes

When I got to know his work, Liam O'Flynn played the pipes in an Irish folk group called Planxty. He is one of those musicians that bring something extra and indefinable to their performances, something to do with the lyricism of the phrasing. This particular piece always brings tears to my eyes.

For those who don't know - the Irish 'Uilleann' bagpipes are blown with a bellows under the left arm, the chanter (the bit you play) can be left open and sounding all the time (like Scottish bagpipes) or closed by being pressed against the thigh to that the notes are separated (like the Northumbrian pipes) - and there are some chordal 'regulators' that can be sounded by pressure from the right wrist or fingers (some pipers never use these - eg Paddy Moloney of the Chieftains - O'Flynn uses them sparingly to great effect).

To my ear, the Uilleann pipes (played well) open-up a direct path to something wild, deep, joyous and tragic in the human soul.

Here is O'Flynn is playing some faster stuff: hornpipes:

Saturday, 23 July 2016

I'm feeling smug today...

The NZ psychiatrist 'Pukeko', blogger at Dark Brightness, and a statistician friend of his, have awarded me the accolade of saying that I was correct about the worthlessness of functional brain imaging some twenty years ago:

I am grateful to be vindicated in the end!

But I don't feel 'Schadenfreude' because those who published the thousands of worthless FI studies have mostly had spectacularly successful academic careers; fame, travel, power; and are by-now safely retired on lavish pensions. Whereas I have existed in professional obscurity/ notoriety and with relatively modest material rewards.

(Albeit I woudn't swap my life with any one of them! - and have been mostly-cheerful, scientifically fulfilled, free to think, work and write what I wanted, and - at the moment - am feeling rather smug!...)

This is the (unpublished) paper I wrote back in 1995:

Why are the Royal Shakespeare Company actors so mediocre?

I have seen the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) act on stage several times over the years, and have usualy been surprised that the average standard of acting is mediocre - why should this be?

On the face of it, due to the prestige, it should be easy for the RSC to get the best actors - and actors are always grossly over-supplied. And there are plenty of really inspired actors born - since most amateur shows I have seen have two or three outstanding, naturally-gifted actors.

(My brother Fraser, for example, is one - he can be seen on YouTube performing in Gilbert and Sullivan.)

But then the RSC acting is no worse than the general run of professional stage acting, which is poor - so the problem is systemic.

The phenomenon can be explained if you consider the levels of selection which operate on RSC actors before they get to the position of being seen by me. Here are some of them.

1. Whatever their talent, Shakespearian actors are made to act speak their lines badly by the directors.

At one level, a director is necessary nowadays to explain to actors what their lines mean. At another level 19 out of 20 directors make the actors speak blank verse as if it was prose, and thereby most of its effect is lost. There were reasons why Shakespeare wrote most of his drama in verse - and these reasons are ignored by speaking the lines as if they were not verse.

(But then, most actors can't read poetry even when performing it as poetry - so perhaps they must share the blame with directors; unless this wilful incompetence is a lasting consequence of their professional training.)

2. Acting is such a terrible job and lifestyle that most naturally gifted actors wuld find it intolerable to be a professional. This means that most of the potentially best actors are selected-out before drama school.

(My brother is an example - he became a medical graduate; then a histopathologist.)

3. The audiences are not good at specifically detecting when acting is good - because they are focused on the quality of the actor's voice.

Most professional actors cannot act - but nearly all do have pleasant, powerful, clear voices - because without that, then they are unsuitable for stage work. This requirement puts-up a significant barrier since the best actors are not likely also to have the best voices.

(I learned this from a friend who was a musical director for the RSC. I went to see his production on tour. The cast was headed by two really outstanding actors - Nigel Terry and Fiona Shaw - but almost all of the others fitted into the category of Great Voice/ Can't Act.)

4. The audiences focus not on acting - but on concepts, stage design, costumes and 'business' (the acting slang term for the non-spoken aspects of plays, esepcially comedy). In the RSC production I recently saw, by far the most memorable aspects were some very funny and surprising bits of business. One RSC trick is to include pretend mistakes, and pretend 'ad libs' - seemingly spontaneous but done every performance - the audiences appreciate the idea of actors having to use their wits get out of trouble.

5. The craft. Professional actors need a phenomenal memory to learn their parts and moves and to avoid mistakes - this is a major constaint because being a gifted actor does not necessarily go along with these vital craft aspects. They often need to be able to dance and sing - in order to make a living over many years - which some of the best actors cannot do.

Also, actors need to be able to turn-up and perform reliably, at an acceptable standard, night after night for months on end. Much of the uninspired natrure of professional stage acting comes from this aspect of routine - it really is impossible for actors to turn-it-on under such conditions.

Also, actors need to have certain looks - either being reasonably good-looking, or else interesting/ ugly in the right kind of way.

So there are plenty of reasons why the average of actors we see on stage at the RSC are merely adequate. But, when you do get a cast containing many really good actors (and assuming the production is not actively ruined by one of the numerous breed of narcissistic director) then the results can be simply wonderful!

I went to see the RSC Loves Labours Lost in 1978. This is not one of Shakespeare's best plays, by common consensus; but - as well as being beautifully designed and directed, the cast assembled was simply stunning; with a remarkable concentration of the very best actors of recent years, some already famous, others yet to make their mark*.

The result was a completely wonderful play, sheer magic and delight from start to finish. Despite that I have never again seen its like; this production was - of course - the real play. Because Shakespeare's own production company comprised one of the most gifted set of individuals that have ever been assembled on stage; and they performed to the most discriminating and experienced theatre audiences of all time.

(See Shakespeare on Toast, by Ben Crystal).

In conclusion, Shakespeare is nearly-always performed severely sub-optimally; and he is even better than we think he is!

*Including Michael Pennington, Alan Rickman, Michael Hordern, Richard Griffiths, Ian Charleson, Ruby Wax, Carmen Du Sautoy, Jane Lapotaire, David Suchet... has there ever been a better cast?

Friday, 22 July 2016

One month post-Brexit: Unseen forces at work in Britain are moving events towards a time of ultimate clarity and free choice

Since the Brexit vote a month ago, nothing substantive has happened towards Britain leaving the EU, and it is clear that the Establishment are 'dealing with' the problem by distraction, delay, and demonising the substantial majority of people who want to Leave the EU.

But it won't work - at least not in the medium term - the fact of the Leave vote shows that Establishment pressure and propaganda doesn't work on this issue, and what it symbolises. The strength of desire for British, actually English, autonomy and a distinct national destiny has been strengthened by the Leave vote.

On the surface nothing has changed except that the small minority of the Establishment who embraced the national project of accelerating self-loathing and slow-suicide, are revealing a state of despair at the prospect of purposive submission to evil being slowed-down a bit; their anxiety at being forced to think a bit about the purpose of their lives when they don't have any purpose. There seems to be a frenzy of displacement activity in the large politically correct bureaucracies, simultaneously preparing for, and trying not to prepare for, Brexit.

The Establishment' contempt for those they rule has never been clearer - they thrust it at us by the assumptions being their every statement: the biggest selling weekly magazine - The Radio Times - has a cover stating as uncontented, obvious fact: 'If ever Britain needed a laugh, it's now!' - oblivious and in-denial-of the palpable lightening and lifting and turn towards optimism in the national mood among the masses.

Meanwhile, 'destiny' unfolds beneath the surface and barely noticed - as the dominoes are being assembled towards a moment of choice: two lines of dominoes - which one to push-over?

This cannot be hurried, and it takes account of human choice. But the Establishment have chosen to continue their march towards death, and are systematically putting everything into place towards creating a fork-point at which the future path will be decided by people who will be aware of the significance of their choice.

What is coming is that many millions of people will (all-but) simultaneously be brought to that point, brought to a moment, in which the Issues are made clear.

At that point they will be compelled to make a personal choice, from the ultimate freedom of their true Self.

Individuals may, in the event, refuse to acknowledge that which they - at that point - know, and may pretend that this is not-really the crux which they are confronted with. Individuals may step-back from the freedom of their Tue Self and hand-over control to the one or another of the 'automatic', constructed and manipulated false selves... That would then be their individual choice - the choice to shirk ultimate responsibility - which is itself a positive choice against personal autonomy and freedom, implicitly expressive of a desire for annihilation.

When the dominoes are assembled, and a mass of people have been brought to this moment of clarity; they will make a choice - and across the population, upon that personal choice will depend the path but not mathematically nor by majority. In the end, it will probably come down to the specific choice of a single person upon which everything hinges - but it will not be known who that specific person is until after they have made the choice.

Probably, as is usual, the path towards evil will be more expedient in the short term - probably the right path will be one in which things must get worse before they can get better.

Some people seem likely to choose evil - choose, that is, to refuse to give-up their fuelling energies of fear, resentment, hatred; and push-away the dawning prospect of love, courage and knowledge. This is not an uncommon choice - what will be different in the coming time is that the choice will be made in knowledge that the choice has been made.

But the aim of those paths will be known, and the decision will be made - like it or not - there will be a moment of clarity, and after that moment we will know whether (as a people) we wish to live or die. When that time is passed, the first domino will have fallen on one line, or the other, and events will then accelerate and change will be very rapid and undeniable - and very soon everyone will know what has been decided.

So what can we, as individuals, do to prepare for this moment?

Firstly, welcome the moment as a great opportunity to step-off the down escalator - the first opportunity for two generations. The evil Establishment are terrified of this moment of choice, and are trying to prevent it by distraction, delay, and demonisation. (They bewail the 'polarisation' of national life - but they mean by this that the masses ought-to be submitting to the Establishment in a unity of strategic self-annihilation. So long as the Establishment is evil, polarisation is necessary and good.)

Secondly, to prepare ourselves for making the right decision by sustaining our good motivations, and putting aside fear, resentment, and hatred - and especially fear; instead nurturing our love and courage. A realistic sense of optimism and possibility are helpful at this point.

And thirdly to ensure that the decision will come from our real, eternal, divine selves - by identifying, locating and exercising those real selves at our inner core - and living-from them as much as possible. This entails taking time - alone, in quiet and undistracted - to think, to be, to feel.

Everything depends on clarity - and fortunately clarity is spontaneous - so we all need to take a break from muddying and stirring-up the waters of our minds, and then we will know.

In a nutshell - we need to believe and recognise the possibility that the future may come down to depending upon our specific, personal and individual choice: that is the proper attitude in which to choose. 

Thursday, 21 July 2016

More advice to a young scientist - the need to develop individual integrity

The world of David Icke - a review of his book Phantom Self (2016) and a comparison with Rudolf Steiner

Since being impressed by David Icke's grasp of the significance of the Brexit vote four weeks ago  -

I have been investigating the thought world of this man, who the media dub the world's major conspiracy theorist.

I have watched or listened to many speeches and interviews, and read his most recent book The Phantom Self - which covers a similar theme and contains many rather similar arguments to those I have come-across in Colin Wilson and William Arkle and blogged about here; concerning the true and free versus automatic and false Self; and the important problem of each person finding then living-from the true Self.

Icke adds to this the valuable perspective that in this modern era (and in addition to our natural tendency to develop a false Self) the false Self (what Icke terms the Phantom self) is substantially a product of a programmed manipulation by the Establishment (i.e. the Conspiracy). In other words, our Phantom Self is actively working-against the interests of our Real/ True Self.

My impression is that Icke is primarily a spiritual thinker and teacher, who personally is most concerned by the spiritual corruption of the world and what to do about it. There are two long chapters at the end of The Phantom Self concerned with how to wake-up to the fact that we are in reality 'Infinite Consciousness' and our mortal life ought to be seen in terms of educational experiences. We are not the product of those experiences, our true selves lie behind and beyond any possible experiences. With some changes in nomenclature, I think this is correct and vital.

Icke is strongly against any form of organised religion, and his spiritual advice is mainly to live life by the intuition of the heart, which will lead to the synchronicities that we personally most need as experiences. This, again, seems correct so far as it goes, and very much like 'the discernment of the heart' which some Christians regard as our best guidance in this world - especially since Icke does a good analysis which clarifies what he means by the heart - contrasted with the mind and gut-feelings which are the focus of manipulation by The Conspiracy.

Reading Icke, I was quite often reminded of Rudolf Steiner in a broad-brush fashion - for instance, both disseminate their views primarily via speaking: in Steiner's case by a multitude of smallish lectures, in Icke's case by videos, podcasts and interviews; and very large public lectures (currently on-going in Australia). Of course, Steiner was a world class accredited intellectual and a genius; whereas Icke is, although above average intelligent and articulate and much better than Steiner at structuring evidence and arguments, operating on a much more common sense and middlebrow level.

But the same basic problem affects anyone who tries to come to terms with Steiner as one who tries to give Icke a hearing - which is that they have a strong, clear view on every subject under the sun, and most of these views are bizarre, many are wrong, and all are over-precise. This, presumably, is because both are working from an intuitive method which always yields conclusions on every topic - even those on which the intuiter is scantily or erroneously informed - and which provides for the reader real and important (and, otherwise, hard to come-by) truths, closely mixed with falsehoods and illusions - but Steiner and Icke themselves are unable to discern which is which.

This does not much bother me - so long as I take them in large enough doses that I can allow the bizarre elements to 'blow through me' (maybe enjoying their ingenious arguments, meanwhile) while focusing on the basic perspectives and primary teachings. This is a matter of having made the basic decision that Icke is a decent and well-motivated person who is doing his best in the available situation, as was Steiner.

Both Steiner and Icke are much more spiritually-focused than the mass of their followers (to whom they need to cater) and this has a distorting effect on the balance of their output. In Icke's case this leads to one of the main problem with his conspiracy theory - which concerns the ultimate aim of The Conspiracy.

For Icke, this world is conceptualised as a kind of idealism; our reality is 'a hologram' (akin to the situation in the movie The Matrix, 1999) - because perceived reality is essentially a facade, and its reality comes from our interpretation. For Icke, there is no God or gods - and ultimate creative goodness is conceptualised abstractly and deistically in terms of higher consciousness, higher frequencies and vibrations.

The source of The Conspiracy for Icke is a group of immortal evil 'demons' (as I would interpret them), aliens, Archons, shape-shifting reptiloids - whose aim is drag humans down to a low-frequency level, and then to control humans in every respect, in order vampirically to live-upon human psychic energies (especially the emotion of fear, but also other negative emotions such as hatred). Ultimately, therefore, Icke correctly diagnoses the Big Problem as Spiritual Warfare.

However, perhaps due to the interests of his followers, in quantitative terms the bulk of Icke's output is focused on political, social and worldly concerns - and the idea that the Conspiracy callously delights in making miserable, tormenting, making sick and killing humans. This is a basic flaw in the sense that modern Western people are - overall and compared with any previous or alternative society - prosperous, comfortable, convenient, healthy and long-lived. Since The Conspiracy's plans are (currently) well advanced, this basic fact is broadly incompatible with The Conspiracy wanting to torture our mortal bodies.

Icke is not a Christian nor anything else, and seems strongly 'anti' all actual Christian churches, especially any focused worship, ritual and symbolic elements - since he regards focused worship situations as set up to provide a kind of energy-vampirism, and ritual and symbolism as almost-always characteristic of The Conspiracy beings. The 'Archons' are fundamentally-uncreative beings, therefore they rely on such crude, repetitive procedures to force or compel a kind of pseudo-creativity. Also, Icke apparently experienced a - possibly - hypomanic-type episode around 1990 during which he appeared on prime-time TV and asserted he was the Son of God, in a way that suggested he was a reincarnate Jesus, or something similar. I think he has since rather over-reacted-against the content of this transient and delusional state.

Having said all this, and taking it as the mixed whole it is; what is my overview of David Icke's work? The answer is that I am overall impressed - and I think he provides many valuable perspectives and examples that I have found helpful and clarifying. I think he is a genuine intuitive, who has access to a deeper level of understanding than is normal - and that this has been show by a number of insights which seemed very far-fetched until they were shown to be correct.

(Interestingly, and again on the same lines as Arkle, in seeking intuition Icke does not practise meditation by any formal or specific technique - rather he says that he sits in quietness and solitude and lets his mind follow its own logic by 'daydreaming'. This, combined with the way that synchronicity shapes his life and brings particular people, books and things to his attention, is how he gets his insights.)  

For example, Icke seems to have been among the first to describe (naming names, several of which have since been confirmed) the covert and covered-up network of paedophilia which permeates the British ultra-Establishment.

Icke saw the extent to which modern Establishment elites deliberately (e.g. by false flag operations and agents provocateurs) cause the atrocities and problems which they then 'react-to' by implementing pre-decided programs tending towards population pacification and control - and the way that the mass media, technology, the law and its enforcement, officialdom, education, and also modern medicine are all combining to make a docile, distracted, drugged, dysfunctional and despairing humanity.

And also that this depends upon divide-and-rule procedures which create conflicts, and provide the incentives by which the dupes do the work of the demons; in building their own prisons, herding people inside, and then policing each other to prevent anyone escaping. 

Icke also correctly predicted (when nobody else did) that 2016 would be the crux year, and potentially the beginning of the crunch-time potentially a turning-point - a window of about three years - when we either turn away from our current suicide course, or it becomes irreversible.

Icke's lack of the coherent metaphysical structure and the overall story of (Mormon) Christianity is a significant problem, although his criticisms of actually-existing Christian churches are mostly accurate and reasonable. But, depending upon your tolerance for excessively detailed wrongness and your capacity not to let it interfere, there is much in Icke's work that is valuable and which you will probably not find anywhere else.

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

There is no such thing as communication, only participation/ identification (or not) - More from Owen Barfield and Rudolf Steiner

For several years in the early 2000s I was working on Niklas Luhmann's Systems Theory, publishing dozens of papers, articles and a book from that perspective - its central tenet was that communications are primary. I now understand that communications don't actually exist - and indeed, that is the conclusion of Systems Theory - although self-awareness of the fact is obscured by paradox.

Systems Theory is a formalisation of the usual view of science - for example that we know about the world via senses which detect signals. The things 'out there' are detected by light, sound (etc.) communications; and in response to these communications our minds make 'representations' of the things.

Systems theory clarifies that communications cannot actually communicate - and our 'knowledge' of things is actually a representation which arises in the mind - and which indirectly interacts with the environment. By this account, we never actually know things, but only our models of things; and these 'internal' models are never more than un-disproven in our interactions with (what we cannot help but regard as) the outside world.

This Systems Theory may sound excessively abstract, but it is merely a formalisation of normal modern Western consciousness - in which modern Man has become paralysed and demotivated by the 'fact' that his communications are unreliable. So, the Bible cannot guide us anymore, nor can the instructions of The Church; because we believe that all communications are partial, biased and prone to misinterpretation without any possible way of achieving objectivity.


For instance, we may believe we have understood a communication, but how do we know for sure? - The answer is only by further communications. But each further communication - intended to clarify the first one - is itself equally ambiguous, uncertain...

So we conclude (correctly) that later communications cannot ever (in principle) clarify the meaning of previous communications. All that happens is we get more and more communications!

In other words, once we have accepted the metaphysical scheme that communications are the way we attain knowledge, we realise that communications cannot - in fact - lead to knowledge; but only back to ourselves.

Apparently, we are trapped in our own minds and can never know what lies outside them. In fact it is worse than that because we cannot consciously know even our own minds! - since conscious knowledge is itself a communication about the mind - and therefore prone to all the uncertainties and ambiguities of any other communication.


The way 'out' from this is to return to the original understanding that when we know something we do so by participating in it, or by identifying with it - in a literal sense. So when we know another person's mind, or understand the behaviour of an animal, or the properties of a rock, or the lay of a landscape... this is because we share the being of that thing.

So we do not make an inference about the thoughts of another person, but we actually think the same thoughts as that other person - we share in the exact same (and to us both available) thoughts.

Or we understand the animal we are hunting by becoming that animal - not by thinking a copy of that animal's thinking, nor by stopping being ourselves and becoming the animal - but by both the animal and our-self sharing the exact same thinking.

This is (seemingly) the spontaneous and untheorised way that young children think (you may remember thinking this way yourself), and also hunter-gatherers and Men in less complex, more aboriginal societies. They just think this way - to the extent that they do not have the same intuition of separateness - they live 'in' their environment - identified with it. They do not observe their environment, they participate in it, un-self-consciously.

Indeed, their selves are substantially a product of that environment - they do not set their conscious selves against the environment, do not separate their personal purposes from the purposes of the environment.

(This state is what Owen Barfield calls Original Participation.)


Now this metaphysical scheme has become very difficult to modern Man because we have a powerful intuition that we ourselves are separate from everything else - that we are cut-off from everything else, that we are observers of the rest of the world and lack direct access to it.

Trapped in the alienated state of our own consciousness, many modern people yearn to return to that state of Original Participation of childhood, or of tribal Man - yet this yearning has been evident form more than 200 years (since the Romantic Movement, especially) and we are further from the goal than ever - clearly we cannot do this, even if it was the right thing to do.

Two centuries of failure to return to Original Participation, and the same period of profound alienation and nihilism as reinforced by the focus on the primacy 'communication' and its implication of the impossibility of communication; is evidence that we can only go forward not back.

It seems that alienation can only be alleviated by a different kind of participation - by a metaphsyic and experience which allows for genuine participation/ identification in a context of the self-aware consciousness. That is, we remain self-aware, we remain located inside our minds - but acknowledge  the possibility and actuality of identification with the environment.

In modern man, identification is no longer the un-self-conscious and spontaneous and uncontrolled thing it was in childhood or tribal Man; but instead identification happens in conscious, self-aware thinking. In other words, when we are thinking - purposively, consciously, in the normal way - we may achieve (and we aim to achieve) an identification with the reality of our environment, and the things in that environment. So that our own thinking is a sharing in the thinking of the environment - the identification is at the level of thinking, not of being.

This is (even if regarded as false) understandable in the case of people - we understand how we might conceivably share the thoughts of another person. But if there is to be a possibility of real knowledge (and not merely of our own 'models' of reality) this must also apply to everything else - not just to people, but to animals and plants, rocks and hills, water and chemicals...

To be crystal clear, we must be able to share the thoughts of animals, plants, rocks, hills, water, chemicals and everything else; which means that (in the first place) these things must have thoughts in order that we may be able to share them.

This explains the necessity for our basic assumptions, our metaphysical framework of reality, to be animistic - if we want to really know about reality, we need not only to regard the whole world as alive, but also as thinking.

If this principle is accepted, then we can move forward to Final Participation; we can cure alienation, can really know about reality, can have human relationships based on truth not illusion, and can feel and be 'at home in the universe'.


Of course the secondary question is concerned with how we know when we have achieved Final Participation, and identification of thinking - and are not merely fooling ourselves, or making an error?

Well, that is a secondary question - it does have answers, but such answers themselves depend on the acknowledgement of the possibility of direct participation.

For as long as we persist in regarding everything as communication, we shall always be uncertain about everything, and will only have more and more communications - each as fundamentally uncertain as every other.

So there can be no answers unless and until we move forwards to a metaphysical system, and personal experience, of direct participation, actual identification of thinking - sharing in the thinking of other entities.

At which point we can understand the answers to questions about error, self-deception and accuracy. But from the perspective of Modern Man's current detachment from, alienation from, the world and from his own mind - there are no answers to anything.

We first need to live-by a new metaphysics.

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Repentance and the sexual revolution

My interpretation of this is from the perspective that repentance is something close-to being the core value of Christianity. The Liberals are correct that God does not (it would be ridiculous) expect perfect behave from us, and that lapses (including sexual lapses) are forgiven. 

But this absolutely requires repentance. 

So when we behave suboptimally we must repent that failure and must not defend the lapses - must not say that our failures are not-really failures. 

The trend for the past two or three generations has been to assert that sexual morality is not such a big things as all that - especially, it is not the core value of Christianity, and is sometimes over-emphasised. Other things are more important in and of themselves. Sexual sinners are not the worst kind of sinners. Sexual virtue is difficult, and nobody wholly achieves it (in the privacy of their own minds). Hypocrisy is rampant.

All this is true - but that merely means that failure in sexual morality is is frequent - it does not mean that failure in sexual morality is unimportant; and it certainly does not mean that failure is actually success!

If (or when) we do make this claim that sin is not sin - then that itself becomes a further sin which itself requires repentance. 

When I say any sin (including sexual sin) 'must' be repented I mean this as a personal principle. It is not a matter of God punishing us for failing to repent - it is that by failing to repent we choose to reject God; we choose to reject God's created order; the actual failure to repent is itself the rejection

We thereby damn ourselves. 

Failure to repent - even minor or sub-primary sins - simply is, in itself, our personal choice to reject salvation.

Since choice (free will/ agency) is a real fact of Life, then this represents self-damnation. In fact this is what damnation actually-is. 

The gates of heaven are open - that was the gift of Christ; but we have-to want-to go in under our own steam, we cannot be shoved-in. 

Failing to repent - that is, failing to acknowledge-the-reality-of our sins and other failures - is merely a roundabout way of rejecting divine order, of saying that we personally do not want what God has to offer - and preferring to 'go it alone'. 

And if that is what we want, that is what we will get.

The Oxford Inklings regarded as a group-entity with world historical significance

Monday, 18 July 2016

Expect miracles but also demons in a spiritual awakening

If it is true that there is a spiritual awakening beginning in The West, then we should not expect a straightforward overall-revival of Christianity, religion generally, nor even of wholesome spirituality - but instead we should expect polarisation: more good miracles, and more demonic activity: both.

This seems to be the way things work. If people's minds are opened and expanded, then they are open to divine revelations, and may accomplish wonderful things; but they are also opened to evil influences. What actually happens overall, depends upon the choices of many people.

This is clearly seen in the times of Christ's ministry in the New Testament - but has also been seen in Christian revivals in many times and places over the past two thousand years.

This is, indeed, probably the reason why there are not more Christian revivals: because the conditions which cause the revival may (and inevitably eventually will) end-up doing more harm than good. In a revival we may assume that God, as the Holy Ghost, creates an increased awareness of the spiritual and openness to spiritual influences - but the basic situation of human agency, of free will, of course remains unchanged.

Therefore in an Awakening, many more people are spiritually sensitised and experience the power of the spiritual world - this includes evil as well as good; and how they interpret, understand, react-to their experiences is a matter of each individual's free will.

Each person will be brought to at least one moment of clarity and choice (and it may just be a moment) in which their destiny (and therefore the destiny of many others, the destiny of everybody in a sense) hangs in the balance.

The effect of a spiritual awakening depends on how people choose in these moments.

Therefore periods of spiritual awakening can be disastrous (overall). Therefore, such times tend to be initiated only in two circumstances:

1. The time is right because many or most people are spiritually well-prepared and therefore likely to make the right choices. In such a situation an awakening has a high probability of becoming a revival - a high probability that many or most awakened people will make the right choice - so the revival will be allowed to continue... at least for a while.

2. Because the situation is so desperate that a spiritual awakening is the only real hope. In such a situation the probability is that spiritual revival will fail, that many or most people will make the wrong (demonic) choices, and the awakening and end-up making things worse. In which case the awakening will be ended - and the mass of people return to their usual state of spiritual insensitivity and denial.

But if the spiritual situation is desperate and if there is a chance that awakening may succeed - may lead to enough people making the right choice - then an awakening may happen despite its poor chance of success.

This second scenario is the current one. It is a time of hope, but not a time for optimism - we will probably see more miracles, but perhaps even more demonic influences; more good and more evil - a separation and a polarisation.

In this separation the dark side may (probably will) predominate among the many; and yet the separation of The Good may allow greater understanding among a minority, among the few; and in the end such a clarification may enable the side of Good better to survive and thrive.

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Sunday, 17 July 2016

Why are things coming to a point *now*, in 2016? Because the demonic agenda is coming-out into the open, therefore resistance and reaction is more likely and potentially more effective

In the long-term demonic strategy for the corruption and damnation of humanity, the early and middle stages were covert and deniable (and mixed with goodness in reasonable quantities) - but as the plan approaches closer to completion there comes a point where the true nature of what has happened, and what is going-on, must come-out into the open.

That point has been reached.

This is, therefore, a time of vulnerability for the long-term strategy of destruction and evil - because more and more people have become and will become more aware of where things are tending and trending. And if this happens too fast, to too many people, and especially to the servants of the agenda among the Establishment - then the whole artificial structure of lies, distortions, deceptions, ugliness-called-good and selfish-short-term-ist hedonism vaunted as virtue - all of it may all implode; and very rapidly.

A further vulnerability is that the self-consciously evil elite Establishment are held-together by terror and bribes - and therefore their cooperation is brittle and vulnerable to despair, anger, panic. It does not take much for them to start attacking each other, or trying to escape.

The much larger apparatus of media/ political/ legal/ administrative/ economic/ educational/ coercive false-reality synthesis is dependent on the cooperation of many millions of manipulated minions, and tens of thousands of thoroughly indoctrinated supervisors - but their cooperation is based upon their lack of awareness of the agenda they are implementing. It is based upon them believing that they are doing Good. If or when they begin to recognise what is really going on, and that they are truly agents for strategic evil; there will be at least a massive reduction in their effectiveness and efficiency - and potentially a massive withdrawal of cooperation, or even opposition.

So, this - Here! Now! - is a great moment of opportunity; it is the time when the sides become clearly distinguished for the first time, and everybody will be compelled to take sides.

Anything which highlights this polarity is probably good - and the worst outcome would be if people took sides without recognising that that is what they were doing.


This is a time when those on the side of Good should not fear: fear is the motivation of evil, not Good. Evil is afraid because it is ultimately unnatural - a web of lies - and must be sustained artificially by energy, effort, control...

But Good is divine-order, natural, spontaneous - it is the truth.

So, we should be of good cheer, open hearted, confident - we don't need to be strategic as evil does; we don't need to fight them on their own grounds of mass information, propaganda, intimidation etc  (where they are the experts and hold all the cards)...

Soon - in the next few hours, months or years - situations will arise in which we are presented with a choice; and when this happens, our personal job is simply to make the right choice. 

All we have to do is be ready, prepare ourselves, to recognise that time, and make the right choice at that time.  


At this time - here and now - in this highly sensitised and meta-stable situation; we simply need to communicate clearly, honestly, with whatever beauty we can - to behave as virtuously as we may... and the odds are better than for a long time that we will be more effective than for a long time.

If you doubt this, just consider the current palpable fear of the evil elites, their prone-ness to panic, the crudeness (and clumsiness) of their attempts to assert control, the way they keep sabotaging themselves and each other...

I am not-at-all saying it is now going to be easy or cost free or speedy to beat them; far from it; but that the odds have now, and for the first time in many decades, swung round to favour those who seek to restore transcendental Good, spiritual and Christian values as the aim and focus of the West.

This critical situation is not likely to last long - so we should act immediately and with vigour and hope.

How does the mass media (including social media) control people?

The most obvious way, and which gains nearly all of the attention, is in terms of propaganda. So the mass/ social media is full of propaganda in favour of the sexual revolution, against Christianity; in favour of Leftism and against traditional values (e.g marriage, family, biologically functional sexuality) and so forth.

But this is to miss the main point about content - which is the absence of content and the nature of assumptions.

The mass media simply eliminates all serious concerns. These are (in statistical terms) never included - indeed, when serious concerns are name-checked, the mass media is 'about' seriousness, rather than being itself serious - which is a further suppression of seriousness.

A person or a movement, of truly deep spiritual and/or religious significance, is presented in terms of an encapsulated story 'about' something serious and important - how people are reacting-to this phenomenon. The seriousness is simply encapsulated and discussed - the seriousness never itself appears.Supposing that the topic is life beyond death - the subject may be mentioned, but treated as a thing some people believe,:personalities, controversies, ridicule... whatever. What will not happen is an engagement with the signiifcance of the truth of life beyond death.

But the main problem is the form not the content. The main problem with modern media addiction is that it shapes the way people think.

For a start, it takes-up attention for a large and increasing proportion of the day. It demands continuous availability - so that we must always be rapidly/ instantly contactable via media, and must always answer the call of media (it is socially unacceptable not to answer a call, to ignore unwanted messages etc).

All this is enforced by social peer pressure (especially among girls and women) - failure to participate leads to shunning, negaive comments, exclusion etc: human pressure is used to compel people into the un-human environment.

Then the attention is grabbed, manipulated, switched - again and again, thousands of times a day - This trains the mind positively to expect and want such attention switching; and negatively to become unable to hold attention - and rapidly to become bored by situations that lack this stream of attention-grabbing and rapidly changing stimuli.

Furthermore - this grabbing and switiching of attention leads to an assumption of the 'randomness'. the unrelatedness of events and phenomena... the mind-set of 'coincidence theory' (i,e, the opposite of conspiracy theory). A mind-set is created by the mass'social media which believes and expects a world of 'and then, and then, and then'. A world without organisation, a world without control, a world without purpose, a world without blame - a world where 'stuff just happens'...

And beyond this is that phenomena are presented as 'dots' but the 'dots' are not connected honestly or truthfully to see what they may imply. The dots are not joined to reveal a pattern - indeed very obvious patterns are denied and ridiculed and demonised: in the mass/ social media the underlying assumption is that dots are nothing but dots

There is mass addiction to the mass media - and the addict is controlled by that to which he is addicted. But people are proud of their addiction, not ashamed. There is a cult of Apple products - for example - among the elites; there is a world of fashion. So the mass of mass media addicts is controlled, and willingly controlled - and to be able and willing to surrender control to the mass/ social media is something which people are proud of.

People want to spend more and more time connected to the mass/ social media via more and better and more powerful devices, which they have with them for more of the time - they want to be plugged into this system 24/7. They don't see that as a problem, but as a legitimate life-goal (the problem is the people who try to limit or stop the media environment).

Clearly, objectively this is an extreme form of addictive dependence. The population is controlled-by their compulsion to use the mass media, and the form and content of the mass media is already and increasingly the form and content of the human mind for ever more of human experience.

People are being controlled by the mass/social media - and by multiple methods and routes - too many simultaneously to resist if someone is media-connected for most of their life. The human has been substantially displaced by the un-human. Obviously (I would have thought!) this situation is evil already, and with vast potential for more - at least it is evil for anyone who sees life as more than a space to be filled between birth and death. The big question is: is this evil situation the product of a massive set of coincidences?

Or is something strategic behind it, pushing it, using it - precisely because of the vast potential for evil? If so, given the un-human agenda, is that 'something' human?

Note: See also my online mini-book Addicted to Distraction:

Saturday, 16 July 2016

If not, then what? as a metaphysical tool

It is common and perhaps normal for modern people to find Christianity, or indeed any kind of religion or serious spirituality, unbelievable. Although sympathetic, they just cannot make themselves believe it.

This is understandable but a basic error - understandable because from the perspective of nomral modern thought then all religions is unbelievable, and error because this perspective a simply assumes the validity of the metaphysics of modernity.

In practice, nearly all serious reflection, or philosophy, is comparative rather than absolute - or, at least, that is how most people understand and express it. Indeed, to be comparative - genuinely - is a level of intellectual sophistication far beyond that of most experts.

When it comes to the basic assumptions about reality (i.e. metaphysics) this is even stronger; there are very few people who even try to do a from-within comparison of two different sets of metaphysical assumptions. Indeed, the tendency is nearly always to deny that these are assumptions and to assert that the assumptions are an inevitable consequence of observation and experience.

For example, the assumption of 'materialism' or positivism: this assumes that the only real things are perceptible by the five senses (vision, hearing, sight, touch, taste) and amplifications of these senses by scientific instruments (either directly detected or else indirectly inferred - sometimes very tenuously, in practice).

The materialist assumption is that something which is undetectable, unmeasurable, by the sense or scientific instruments does not exist. This is the assumption of all public discourse - in politics, the mass media, education, within institutional and corporate communications etc,

Consequently, all assertions of the reality of non-material entities are known for certain in advance to be un-true - therefore merely need to be 'explained-away' as errors of human psychology. Thus, modern metaphysics divides the world into the real versus the psychological - the psychological is a rag-bag of wishful-thinking, stupidity, deliberate deception, inbuilt biases etc. In practice, psychological causes are imprecisely allocated, because of their unreality - why bother being exact when we already know they are false?


The materialist assumptions of public discourse are only half the story, however; because there is another metaphysical system which operates simultaneously - and that is the primacy of psychology. This is the idea that although materialism is really-real, it is also trivial or irrelevant and psychology is the most important reality. This is the metaphysics of communism, of political correctness, indeed of mainstream modern politics of all types including supposedly 'right wing' and libertarian.


Therefore most people operate tow sets of metaphysical assumptions, and switch back and forth between them in an unprincipled fashion - if challenged on one basis, they switch to the other, and deny that they have switched.

If pushed, they will assert that the one arises from, and is linked to, the other - that psychology is rooted-in the material: that such and such material conditions will produce such and such psychological consequences. This is indeed the basis of the mainstream modern morality of utilitarianism - that the goal f politics is to minimise suffering and optimise happiness of the population. But this further assumption is not examined nor defended - it is simply a pseudo-answer to a potentially-devastating question.    


My point here is that the mainstream modern metaphysics, the basic assumptions from which nearly all modern people judge the world - is hardly compelling, even when regarded in isolation. But when evaluated in a comparative fashion, with the assumptions of religion, the relative weakness is immediately apparent.  

Such an evaluation can only be done by recognising that the basis lies in assumptions, by changing one's assumptions, and then by looking-at-life from that new perspective.

That is a necessary first step, but very seldom done. Only after that step has been done - and the world has been experienced from a different metaphysical base - is one in a position to make a choice between metaphysical assumptions.

On what basis is that choice? Well, there is a level of human evaluation which is non-metaphysical - and it is from that pre-metaphysical level that a choice can be made. This pre-metaphysical, non-theorised level of evaluation could be termed intuition, or gut-feeling, or 'the heart' - or natural and spontaneous common sense... but whatever it is called, it is the bottom-line and basis from-which we can choose our assumptions.

It is on this sense that Socrates was speaking when he asserted that the 'un-examined' life was not worth leading. The ancient Greek philosophers were metaphysicians; consequently they were engaged in exactly the activity I have described above - that is, they were examining, or evaluating, their basic assumptions by exploring from inside, and comparing, their consequences.

Once one has done this, then it is clear that very, very few people have done this; and the opinions of someone who has not done this are not compelling - because they don't know any better but have merely passively-absorbed their assumptions: they are in no position either to critique or to defend their assumptions.

Friday, 15 July 2016

Beyond the smartphone and the wearable computer - the internet of minds

Conspiracy theorists have a very materialistic world view - of evil elites killing people, destroying things, causing poverty, seeking riches and the like. But the reality of the situation is that it is Satan and the demons who are behind the conspiracy, and that it is a spiritual war. So the ultimate objective is not human misery but human damnation.

We already have a world in which human minds have been made internet compatible and computer-like by near saturation usage of ubiquitous smart phones; the next step is the wearable computer terminal and beyond that to modify humans into permanently logged-on information exchange devices.

To be honest this does not seem far off, although the decline in human intelligence and creativity means that the technology has been slower in coming than was (no doubt) planned. And of course, getting people to accept implants - and to become living internet terminals - will be pushing at an open door - since they are clamouring for more and more frequent and varied and continuous interconnection already.

In terms of the conspiracy theory of the elite - the supernatural spiritual warfare - this is presumably a major goal fairly close to achievement. Human minds are increasingly integrated to a computer web that filters and shapes their inputs, and increasingly monopolises their outputs.

Remembering that it is the form not content which matters (the medium IS the message) - the consequence is the materialist, relativist, nihilist world view - the world of inverted values - will be our world literally on a 24/7 basis (since we will remain online even during sleep).

What specific information exchanged is less important than that the information will all be in an explicit, material, quantitative, measurable, recordable form. It will exclude Christianity and any other valid religions, it will exclude higher and free types of consciousness, and awareness of the immaterial world. Our minds will becomes even less human and even more computer-like than they already are.  

The triumph will be highly complete and satisfactory to the demonic conspirators, since this is self-chosen not imposed: because it is necessary that evil be voluntarily embraced and salvation explicitly rejected.

People may even end-up happier, on average, than they are now - constantly amused, or at least distracted. Or the demons may, once they have won, delight in tormenting people with lives that are living and inescapable nightmares...

But the point of the exercise is no so much the preponderance or balance of human pleasure or pain - which is temporary; but human damnation - which is eternal.